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We Scrupulously Investigate Abuses, Expose the Facts Widely, and Pressure Those With Power to Respect Rights and Secure Justice

Human Rights Watch is an independent, international organization that works as part of a vibrant movement to uphold human dignity and advance the cause of human rights for all. Our staff consists of human rights professionals including country experts, lawyers, journalists, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

The Candidate We Are Looking For

We are looking for candidates that are passionate about human rights, who are determined to make an impact on people’s lives around the world. Joining Human Rights Watch means being a part of a dedicated and diverse team committed to the protection and preservation of international human rights.

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Our Mission & Values Guide Us

We advance human rights worldwide. We investigate wrongs, expose the facts, offer solutions, and pressure those with power to respect rights. We collaborate with people claiming their rights, learn from partners, and engage the public. Human Rights Watch upholds the freedoms and defends the protections that promote dignity, equality, and justice. Human Rights Watch is anchored by Guiding Principles that orient us in the world and by Core Values that inform our standards, practices, and treatment of one another.

Our work is grounded in standards contained in international human rights law, humanitarian law, criminal law, and refugee law. In applying these standards, we are guided by those most affected and by our partners, as well as by the principles of dignity, equality, and justice.

We maintain neutrality in armed conflict, do not endorse political parties or candidates, and focus on promoting and advancing human rights rather than pursuing partisan agendas. We do not accept government funds, directly or indirectly, or support from any private funder that could compromise our objectivity, independence, or reputation.

We maintain high standards in our research, communications, and advocacy to ensure that HRW investigates, assesses, and presents information that is accurate and impartial. We uphold high standards of ethics when engaging with victims, witnesses, partners, and others; responsibly collect data; and strive for transparency regarding our methodology, structure, and funding.

In pursuing our work, we focus on impact, whether immediate or in the long term. Incremental progress can sometimes involve curtailing or preventing worsening rights situations. We succeed when we contribute to positive and sustainable changes to laws and policies and their implementation, as well as concrete improvements in people’s lives, through our direct work and in consultation and collaboration with others.

Through mutual respect and reciprocity whenever possible, we seek active and sustained partnerships with a diverse range of activists and movements, especially those most affected by abuses and groups working alongside them. We work to defend civil society from attack, magnify the work of partners, and help secure the space that they require to operate.

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Benefits of Joining the HRW Team

We couldn’t achieve our mission without our employees and the work that they do everyday. This is why we strive to support them in every way possible. We offer our employees a comprehensive total compensation package:

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Employer-paid Health Insurance for you and your family
  • Paid Time Off
  • Life Insurance
  • Rich Retirement Savings Contributions
  • Wellness Resources

Our Learning and Training Opportunities

To help our employees excel, we provide a variety of training opportunities and in-house events. We organize team retreats, workshops, and mentor programs to help our employees connect, network and learn from each other!

“I work on human rights issues like religious violence or police torture and while these might be difficult subjects, the people that you meet are very resilient, and that inspires me to come to work every day.”

Elaine Pearson
Australia Director

"The most fulfilling part of my job is being a philanthropic matchmaker – introducing individuals with the means and desire to make a difference to an organization that is bringing about change."

Sharon Kwong
Associate, Development & Outreach Department

"I work in Washington, D.C. to reach policy makers and say “you need to consider human rights when you make changes to the law”."

Antonio Ginatta
Advocacy Director

"As a researcher, I carry out in-depth investigations into police and prison abuses in Brazil that I could never do as a reporter. As a result, my work is having an impact on people's lives!"

Cesar Munoz
Senior Researcher, Americas Division

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